cng back cabin frame

Back Cabin Frame 3C


Cylinders are 450mm in diameter. Weight of each cylinder 75 kg as empty. Capacity at 200bars 35kg of CNG. Usually there has to be space 500 mm between the cabin and trailer to fit these in, also can be sold without frames or with in frame of 2,4,5 6,7 or 8 cylinders in one Kit. Cylinders and main Aluminum frame are used. Lifetime left at least 7 years.


3 CNG cylinders with complete set of brackets to install cylinders behind the truck cabin. Frame steel S355G2 and Aluminum,

Nuts, springs, bolts  are made from stainless steel.

3 CNG cylinders together with Frame and Installation parts, Full-composite gas cylinders, Type IV.
Capacity – 214 liters. Manufacturer: Lincoln Composites, USA. Initially Inspected At Shipment.

Cylinders can be used for more 7-9 years. Expire date is market at cylinders and noted before shipment.

Kit with: 3 cylinders, shutoff Valves Emer 24V, All Parts for Frame, fits For Scania.

Price 1900 EUR+ VAT