What are CNG cylinders and CNG accessories used for?

As the time goes by, people are starting to think more about sustainability and environment, making decisions with that in mind. A simple way of making a better everyday choice is using a CNG vehicle – compressed natural gas vehicle – which uses CNG cylinders to add more mobility to transportation.

What are CNG vehicles?

When talking about CNG cylinders and accessories, it is important to talk about where they are being used. The popularity of CNG vehicles has grown to a very great extent over the last decade, having more than 20 million vehicles in use. In addition to the economical and environmental effect, another reason for using CNG vehicles for personal and transportation use is the cost effectiveness as gasoline costs considerably more than compressed gas.

CNG vehicles operate like gasoline-powered vehicles, with the same engine functions. Natural gas is usually stored in a CNG cylinder typically at the back of the vehicle transferring the high-pressure gas through fuel lines and eventually being ignited by a spark plug. 

CNG vehicles are cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles that use CNG for driving. Gaznet offers CNG cylinders for various CNG car dealer companies such as VW, Skoda, Audi, Opel, Seat, Volvo, Mercedes, Fiat and also for CNG trucks as Iveco, Mercedes Benz, MAN, DAF, Volvo and Scania.

CNG cylinders for CNG vehicles

CNG cylinders include compressed natural gas, which is produced by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its volume at a standard atmospheric pressure. CNG cylinders are used on CNG vehicles to store the CNG, where the gas remains in a gaseous state under pressure. 

Comparing CNG vehicles to fuel based vehicles, the driving range of a CNG vehicle is generally less due to the lower energy density of natural gas. Therefore when using a CNG vehicle, CNG cylinders are commonly kept for extra mobility as there is no need to find a charging station the moment you run out of gas. 

Gaznet also offers CNG cylinders for vehicles with different capacities from 75L to 120L. For CNG trucks that travel a great distance daily, there are multiple possible CNG accessories to keep extra CNG cylinders on a frame for example on the back of the cabin or on the side of the truck.

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