Welcome to Gaznet – 16 years of experience

Here at Gaznet we have been working with gas equipment and gas vehicles for more than 16 years. We started our journey in 2005 in Estonia and have installed more than 4,000 gas appliances for new vehicles as well as older machines. We install and represent high-quality car gas systems recognized in the Nordic climate.

Gaznet sells, installs and maintains gas equipment

In addition to installing and maintaining gas appliances for vehicles, we also sell high-quality CNG cylinders and accessories. We work with CNG trucks, cars and transport equipment such as lifts and tractors and our specialists are all trained in several countries producing gas equipment and shared their experience in multiple professional conferences.

In addition to having well-trained specialists, we are also the only Estonian representative of the world-famous gas equipment by Prins, Landi Renzo, EMER and Ecomotive Solutions. Therefore we have experience with different brands. 

Why do we believe in CNG?

CNG – compressed natural gas – is friendly to the environment, reducing harmful emissions which help us with climate change. In addition to the wellbeing of Earth, CNG helps to save on car expenses, as CNG costs significantly less than fuel.

In addition CNG does not contain harmful additives such as sulfur and tin. Harmful additives in fuel put additional load on the engine parts, catalyst and lambda sensor, causing damage to the vehicle and adding to the vehicle repair and maintenance expenses. Therefore driving a CNG vehicle does not only mean lower fuel prices, but CNG helps to save on maintenance costs as well. 

I’m interested in CNG cylinders and accessories, how to order?

We are glad you are interested in our CNG cylinders and CNG accessories – we can guarantee that we offer you the highest possible quality products and best service. We also ship our CNG products worldwide.

Ordering on our website is simple. You can see CNG cylinders and CNG accessories in the store with estimated prices. Once you have found the CNG product needed, you can click the link “add to quote” which adds the product to the quote list. If you wish to order more than one product, just repeat the steps with other products as well.

After adding all necessary products to the quote list you can send the request to us at Gaznet. When sending a request please note to add your contact information and any questions you wish to be answered. We will get back to your request as soon as possible.

Gaznet offers best quality CNG cylinders and CNG accessories – get a quote on our website here